Restaurant in city center of Funchal, Madeira Island. Great Food, coffee, tea and drinks / Cocktails

Restaurant in city center of Funchal, Madeira Island. Great Food, coffee, tea and drinks / Cocktails

Classy, Gourmet, Exquisite and Elegant Restaurant

Our balcony guarantees you a view over the marina and the harbor of Funchal

Our Kitchen is open all day long.

We love early and late food experiences.

Give yourself a try with our
all day food experiences…

Lunch at Theos

Theos Food Experience - Lunch in Funchal

At lunch you can enjoy the magnificent view of the port from our balcony and delight yourself with our daily suggestions as well as experience our gastronomic suggestions.

to 15:00

Afternoons at Theos

Theos Food Experience - Afternoon in Funchal

During the afternoon, try our Gastro Snacks menu, combined with a selection of quality drinks to the sound of our expert guitarists.

Live Guitar Act

(14h » 17h)

to 18:00

Dinner in the center of Funchal

Theos Funchal Restaurant Main Lunch and Dinning Room

At night, delight yourself with our gastronomic selection, excellent wines, professional service, always with diverse live music (20:00-22:00).

Live Piano Act

(Wednesday; Friday and Sundays)

to 23:00

Cocktails at Theos. After Dinner Experience in Funchal

Theos Food Experience - Cocktails in Funchal

A selection of wines that are accompanied by Portuguese cheeses, a variety of artisanal and international Portuguese beers, a careful choice of quality Gins, Vodkas and Corre that can be enjoyed on our unique balcony to the sound of our musicians.

Live guitar and contrabass

Saturday´s between 20:30 - 23:30

to 00:00

Get to know All Theos Experiences

For more than 50 Years…

It was the most renowned Teahouse of the first half of the twentieth century in Funchal.

Today Theos Bazar Café is a modern and cosmopolitan space, has a unique concept which highlights the coffee, tea and a pastry own home-made dessert.

At lunch you can expect a casual and simple menu, at dinner taste our delicious a la carte menu.

A Classy, Gourmet, and Elegant experience waits for you!

Suggestions & Specials.

Live Music

  • Monday to Friday
  • 14:00 » 17:00
  • Guitar Live Act
  • Blues, Jazz, Bossa Nova.
  • Mondays, wednesdays 
and Fridays
  • 20:00 » 22:00
  • Live Piano
  • Blues, Jazz, Bossa Nova.
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • 20:00 » 22:00
  • Live Classic Guitar
  • Blues, Jazz, Bossa Nova.
  • Thursdays
  • 20:00 » 22:00
  • Saxophone
  • Blues, Jazz, Bossa nova.
  • Saturdays
  • 20:00 » 23:00
  • Guitar and Contrabass Duo
  • Blues, Jazz, Bossa nova.

Thinking about a Special Event?

Our space can be reinvented to suit your best needs!

Let us know if you’re looking for a Group event; Business Dinner; Christmas Dinner Party; other?